Wine Club - February 2018

Champetre – Domaine Cazottes (2016) 

Grape Variety(s): Mauzac

Style: Dry White

Region: Gaillac, France

Winemaker: Laurent Cazottes

Soil: Clay/Limetsone

Age of Vines: 30 yrs

   Laurent Cazottes is something else. We were just visiting with him at his farm in Gaillac located in SW France a few weeks ago. This guy is known as one of the best distillers in France, and one of the few organic distillers in the world. As awesome as those brandys are, we are talking about his little bit of wine he makes.
Any Mauzac fans out there??? Yes! That’s the name of the grape for this wine. Legend has it that it was the first grape used to make sparkling wine...but this wine isn’t sparklng! Confused yet? Don’t be!
Laurent ferments this wine in tank with native yeasts and bottles it without any filtrations. I love the bruised granny smith apple notes on this...such an interesting wine.

Beaujolais Villages Rouge – Jean-Paul Dubost (2016)

Grape Variety(s): Gamay

Style: Dry Red

Region: Beaujolais, France

Winemaker: Jean-Paul Dubost

Soil: Granite

Age of Vines: 20 yrs

 This is simply delicious. A great little Beaujolais...very balanced in the fact that sometimes Beaujolais can be too playful...this is just right. Still juicy and serious enough to pair with just about anything. Mr. Dubost ferments and ages this wine in cement, helping add to the rustic character here.