Wine Club - October 2017

Marcotte – Domaine Cazottes (2016)

Winemaker: Laurent Cazottes
Soil: High Calcium Clay
Age of Vines: 20 yrs

Grape Variety(s): Broucol, Duras
Style: Dry Red
Region: Gaillac, France

Domaine Laurent Cazottes is located in Gaillac, in the Tarn department in the commune of Villeneuve-sur-Vère. Husband and wife, Laurent and Marina, are known for making exceptional, artisan eau de vie from various fruits they organically farm. They also make gorgeous wine from old vine Gaillac grape varieties: Mauzac, Braucol and Duras. Their wine, like their eau de vie, is certified organic and treated with great care. These are honest, well- made, and well-priced wines for everyday drinking.

The Marcotte Rouge is one of our new staff favorites. It reminds me of a rustic, Loire Valley Cabernet Franc  In general, the southwest of France is  a region where you can find
tremendous value with the right producer. Enjoy this with a hearty stew and a fireplace!

Bajondillo – Jiménez Landi (2016)

Winemaker: José Jiménez-Landi
Soil: Clay and Limestone Sandy and Granitic
Age of Vines: 25 yrs

Grape Variety(s): Garnacha, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon
Style: Dry Red
Region: Méntrida, Spain
Bodegas Jiménez – Landi is a family Project which arises passion from the vineyards and the countryside. The winery is located in MÉNTRIDA, a village of great wine tradition (some of the references to the vineyards in the area date back to XII century) located west of MADRID (53 kilometers) north of Toledo, in the foothills of the SIERRA DE GREDOS.
Jimenez-Landi was established in an old manor. The oldest parts of the property date back to the sixteenth century. Jose Jimenez-Landi’s ancestors made wine an old cave where they keep a family cemetery marked by old bottles. The current incarnation of the family winery was founded in 1963. Until recently, they weren’t professionally dedicated to making wine. They have utilized the family heirloom old vine Garnacha for their own consumption and for their friends to enjoy.
“ The goal of the finished wines is balance, freshness, finesse, elegance, and depth. We want to develop honest wines that represent our philosophy and characteristics of our plots and varieties located in the villages of Méntrida and Real de San Vincente. The most important thing is that the wines represent the varieties, the local nature and the soils.”
Bajondillo is a unique blend of Garnacha, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon aged in both barrel and stainless steel.