Club Little House - June

Piak! – Domaine Bobinet (2015)

  • Grape Variety(s): Cabernet Franc
  • Style: Dry Red
  • Region: Saumur Champigny, Loire Valley, France
  • Winemaker: Sébastien Bobinet + Emeline Calvez
  • Soil: Clay and Limestone
  • Age of Vines: 20 – 30 yrs

he natural wine movement is coming of age in the Loire Valley, thanks in part to upstart Sébastien Bobinet and his partner, a professional dancer-turned-vigneronne, Eméline Calvez. Heavily influenced by the godfather of natural winemaking, Jules Chauvet of the Beaujolais, and under the guidance of the Loire’s renowned Foucault brothers of Clos Rougeard, the two have added momentum to the revitalization of the AOC Saumur-Champigny. While Sébastien has long been regarded as a rising star of the region, his collaboration with Eméline since 2011—a talent in her own right—has cemented the cult status of the domaine’s wines.
Their winemaking approach is strongly influenced by the Beaujolais, generally characterized by lighter body wines made with little or no skin maceration (less tannins) and an emphasis on drinkability. A unique approach indeed in Cabernet Franc driven Saumur Champigny, known for astringent, almost harsh tannin and
earthbound wines. The philosophy is a treat and we were able to experience it first-
hand in a visit to the Domaine last Fall, seeing how much care and passion goes
into the vineyards and the winemaking process. 2015 Piak! is a new project wine from the couple. The name comes from the sound your mouth makes when it’s thirsty and your tongue sticks to the roof of the mouth...PIAK! This was a standout vintage for the region, more full and fruity than normal. Still a hint of astringency known to Cabernet Franc, Piak was fermented in Concrete, sees a brief neutral oak treatment, and is released only about 4 motnhs after harvest. Delicious with roasted or smoked chicken!

Rosa Luna – La Collina Cooperative (2015) 

  • Grape Variety(s): Lambrusco Salamino
  • Style: Rosé Sparkling
  • Winemaker: Co-op of 12 winemakers
  •   Soil: Sand and Limetsone
  • Region: Emilia Romagna, Italy
  • Age of Vines: 15-20 yrs

The story of “La Collina” began in 1975 when 12 young lads, full of dreams, started a new and a very unusual project and experience. They started an agricultural cooperative in order to live like an extended family. They also dreamt about helping the less fortunate struggled with drug addictions.

The cooperatives main activities are:
1)In the farm they grow vegetables, vines, fruit, cereals, fodder; we also have livestock: oxen and pigs. They process all these product to obtain wine, flour, pasta, meat, poultry, sausages and honey.
2)They organize educational fieldtrips.
3)They realized the dream to have a rehab community for young adults with drug addictions.

It seems Lambrusco is making a comeback, and for good reason... the acidity of this wine, combined with the bubbles can wash down perfectly the buttery sauce of any pasta, and stand up to rich meats at the same time. It is a perfect food wine... and has existed more or less as we know it today since 1567.