Club Big House - May

Malidea – Iuli (2010) 

Grape Variety(s): Nebbiolo
Style: Dry Red
Region: Monferrato, Piedmont, Italy
Winemaker: Fabrizio Iuli Soil: Calcarious Clay
Age of Vines: 15 yrs

 The blend of hospitality learned and inherited from his mother and 40 years in the family restaurant, combined with his love of agriculture and the land fed by his father and grandfather- finished with the touch of his artistic hand, Fabrizio Iuli alone along with some help from Dad driving the tractor, creates wines that are like he is; warm and intelligent, easy going, a friend everyone wants to have, and that do not cease to invoke a smile! The winery is located in a small little town called Montaldo which is in the somewhat undiscovered region of Monferrato in Piedmont.
Malidea means, ‘bad idea’ in Italian. Fabrizio has a sense of humor that he brings with him in the vineyard and cellar, and when he found out the name of the hill seperating his Barbera vineyards from this Nebbiolo vineyards was named such, he thought it would have a great double meaning, in his words; ‘Whats a better name for a wine to share on a first or second date!’
The Nebbiolo vineyard was planted in 2003, so Fabrizio’s idea was to add his old vine Barbera to this young fruit to give it some backbone and strenght. The marraige of Nebbiolo and Barbera is also nothing new. The acidity and powerful bright fruit that the Barbera brings, together with the Tannins and aromatics of the Nebbiolo makes for a perfect wine marraige... and an ageing potential ‘di paura.’
After 4 vintages of blending these two varieties, we will finally see Fabrizio’s dream of producing a 100% Nebbiolo from Monferrato come true with the 2010 vintage.

Du Rififi A Beaulieu – Bruno Richard (2014)

Grape Variety(s): Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay Style: Dry Petillant Naturel
Region: Saumur Champigny, Loire, France
Winemaker: Bruno Richard Soil: Clay and Limestone Age of Vines: 20 yrs

A wonderful treat distributed by our friend Sebastien Bobinet and Emeline Calvez. This Petillant Natural (aka “PetNat”) is produced by their neighbor in Saumur, Bruno Richard. The “PetNat” style has become popular in recent years within the Natural Wine scene as this sparkling method avoids the need for “dosage” (sugar additions) as it is fermented in the bottle before all the sugars are consumed by yeasts (remember, the bioproduct of fermentation is CO2 -aka bubbly!!).
Du Rififi a Beaulieu is an even blend of Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay, a subtle hint of residual sugar nicely balances the minerality of this sparkling. Super clean and zero SO2 additions. Enjoy with a nice plate of Charcuterie!