RVA Swappers and Vegan Action- February 24


Celebrate veggie love with the RVA Swappers Vegan Swap!  This means no animal products, eggs, dairy products or other animal-derived substances in your swappables. Food swappers can bring the ususal jars of homemade pickles, jams, batches of cookies, whole pies or loaves of bread, spice mixes, hot sauces, anything that you make yourself. 

Please bring 6 of your item. 5 for swapping and one for tasting. 

All the swaps are barter transactions- my jar of tomato sauce for your pickled jalapenos.

When you arrive at the event, you will display your swappables on a table. We provide swap cards for everyone, and you’ll fill out a card that will sit next to your items. You write what your item is, any explanation about it (e.g. vegan! extra spicy! gluten free!) and then people will “bid” on your items by listing what they are willing to you trade for. Swap-card bids are not binding, and are just so you can find who is interested in your stuff.

After eating, cheersing, browsing and bidding, the actual swapping begins. We all wear name tags so you can figure out who wants to make the trade. (“Are you the one with the salted caramel sauce? Would you swap for this raspberry jam?”) The negotiations are fun, friendly and freeform—you can accept or deny any trade you like.

As hectic as it sounds, it has worked out for many other swapper groups. You’ll go home laden with delicious foods homemade by your new friends.  

Registration required- sign up here.  See you for the swap!