Sunday, Jan 27th- Whole Wheat Baking with Maureen Joyner

On Sunday, January 27, come to Little House and learn how to use more whole wheat in your baking with Maureen Joyner from Mimi's Whole Grain.  Get good grain info, and convert a classic recipe into one using whole wheat!  Students will leave with a new appreciation for whole wheat, and 2lbs of Mimi's Virginia- grown flour.

If you have had Mimi's bread, you know that whole wheat bread can be soft and flavorful.  How does she do it?  In her words, "Very simply, every product on my menu is whole grain. Period. I take the whole seed (mainly wheat and oat right now), send it through my mill, and 100% of the resulting fresh ground flour goes into the recipes for the day. I use a variety of wheatberries and custom blend for the product. I know there’s a tremendous amount of information out there trying to explain the definition of whole grain: where to find it in the ingredient list, how much should be there, how to interpret, look for the grain count, look for the stamp on the front of the bag, etc…..

Oyvey. Let me make your life simpler:

We can help you eat right, because we make whole grain fabulous."

12-2p.m. on Sunday, January 27

$10 per student/ Pre -registration required.  Go to our online shop to register.