What's an LSA???

In August, we met with Paul and Candace from Virginia Community Capital. They showed us some fascinating data about our area, the Northside of Richmond, Virginia. This information was gathered by the The Reinvestment Fund. Take a look!


The first image shows you a map of the Northside of Richmond. Little House will be located in the center of the map, in the neighborhood of Bellevue, (also called Ginter Park on the map). The purple color of our area indicates that we are in an LSA or Limited Supermarket Access area.

People who live in an LSA need to travel further outside their community to purchase their food. This means that our food dollars leave our community. When food dollars leave the community, it is called “leakage.”

The map below shows how much leakage each neighborhood has. In Bellevue/Ginter Park, we are again colored purple and this means we “leak” over $1.7 million dollars a year. Yikes!

After seeing this, we can now imagine that once we open, Little House customers will slow this leakage, and keep our food dollars here, and that can help keep our area economically vibrant through the jobs/goods/service that Little house will provide and need in return. That’s a cool thought. Heck, maybe we can even change the color of our map… no more purple, and more fresh food!

What do you think about this data?