Meet your baker

 Renia Coles, owner of RC’s Fabulous Delights, came over the other day so we could talk about baked goods for Little House. 

She generously brought some of her most popular items, sweet potato pie and red velvet cupcakes.  They were both so good- I love the spices in a sweet potato pie!  Renia’s red velvet cupcake is a tradtional one- her fabulous, lemony cream cheese frosting is amazing.  Just sweet enough, and fantastic texture- mmm…  (Did I mention she left me some?  Lucky me!)  

She also brought cookies because we thought it would be fun to have ‘house made’ ice cream sandwiches.


Renia is also looking forward to creating after school treats and making your celebrations special. (Sweet potato pie + Thanksgiving= Excellent, right?)


RC’s Fabulous Delights also makes vegan and gluten-free desserts, baked from scratch with quality ingredients.  We are looking forward to a fun partnership, making your days a little sweeter!