August 29



  • Heirloom tomatoes
  • Green bell and lunchbox peppers

Community Food Collaborative:

  • Baby leaf lettuce salad mix 
  • Asian eggplant
  • Cucumbers


  • Red raspberries


From the recipe archives of Full Belly Farm in Capay Valley, CA


Tomatoes with Crisp Fried Eggplant and Burrata



All-purpose flour, for dredging

3 large eggs, well beaten

2 cups fresh breadcrumbs

Asian eggplant, cut into 1/2 inch slices

Heirloom tomatoes, cut into quarters

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1 cup basil leaves, half of them torn 

coarse sea salt and freshly ground pepper

Vegetable oil, for frying

1 ball burrata (or fresh mozzarella)



Place flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs in three separate and wide shallow bowls.  Working with one eggplant slice at a time, dredge in flour, then dip in egg and then into the breadcrumbs.  Transfer to a wire rack set in a rimmed baking sheet and refrigerate for 30 minutes.  Toss the tomatoes with olive oil and torn basil, and season with salt and pepper.  Heat about 1/4 inch vegetable oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat until shimmering.  Add some eggplant slices (don’t overcrowd them) and fry, flipping once until deep golden brown and crunchy (about 2 minutes per side).  Adjusting your heat as necessary.  Remove with a slotted spoon, drain on a clean wire rack set in a rimmed baking sheet, and season with salt and pepper (be generous with your salt!)  Discard your oil and add new oil for frying the remaining eggplant.  Arrange the eggplant and tomatoes on a platter.  Cut the burrata ball in half, place next to the tomatoes and season with salt and pepper.  Scatter the remaining basil on top.



From Bon Appetit, August 2015; modified for red raspberries


Raspberry-Cucumber Salad with Lemon Cream


Serves 4




Cucumbers, sliced

½ teaspoon ground cardamom

Kosher salt

3 teaspoons sugar, divided

½ cup crème fraîche

1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

¼ cup unsalted, roasted pistachios

Pinch of cayenne pepper



Toss raspberries, cucumbers, cardamom, a pinch of salt, and 1 tsp. sugar in a medium bowl and let sit 10 minutes to allow sugar to dissolve and flavors to meld.

Meanwhile, mix crème fraîche, lemon juice, remaining 2 tsp. sugar, and a pinch of salt in a small bowl; set lemon cream aside.

Pulse pistachios, cayenne, and a pinch of salt in a food processor until nuts are just finely ground (do not overprocess or you’ll end up with nut butter).

Divide fruit salad among plates and spoon reserved lemon cream over; sprinkle with ground seasoned pistachios.

Do Ahead: Lemon cream can be made 8 hours ahead. Cover and chill.