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Workshop- Seed Starting

Seed Starting Workshop

Sunday, April 6, 2-4 pm

Learn how to start all your own vegetable garden plants from seed! Stacey Moulds will teach students when as well as how to sow seeds for a vegetable garden, and how to transplant those seedlings into the garden. The hands-on portion will focus on starting summer season vegetables indoors for later transplanting outdoors*. Everyone will go home with all the supplies needed (except your grown light and bulbs which you can buy from a hardware store) to grow out 72 plants. We'll sow seeds in one flat with seed starting mix, and you'll go home with another set of larger seedling trays and transplanting medium.
* Plants – Plants that will be started from seed include basil, tomatoes, tomatillos, hot and sweet peppers, eggplants, Swiss chard and heat tolerant lettuces.
** You will need to have a small area in your home to hang a 4-foot fluorescent shop light to house your plants for the next month or more.
Cost: $40 per person (or $50 per couple which includes 1 set of supplies)

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