Our story

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My favorite part of growing up in Virginia was spending summer evenings in my dad's vegetable garden. The pungent smell of tomato leaves and the feeling of being lost among the towering bean plants have stayed with me along with the satisfaction of gathering fresh food for that night's dinner.  Those summer days and their gifts of fresh produce were my introduction to great seasonal cooking. 

It was not until I briefly moved away from Richmond that I even realized the bounty and agricultural traditions of my home state. When I came back, I investigated the food system here and worked to start new farmer's markets.  I learned to cook with the seasons, and I learned to grow and preserve my own food. I worked with the city government to support urban gardeners and small businesses. I wrote about everything I was learning in a blog that I shared with friends. Even now- years later-  the world of food keeps opening to me: there are always tomato varies to try or traditional recipes to learn. Farmers have become friends and we work together spreading the love of local food.

We wanted to create a place where people could gather good food every day. In 2012, little house opened its doors, serving lovely local produce and keeping pantries stocked with fine staples. We believe in the power of local efforts, of neighborhoods with sidewalks and of meals grown and served with love. 

happy eating!

Erin & co.