Turkey Deposit

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Turkey Deposit


Deposit for your locally raised pastured turkey from Polyface Farm. Balance is due upon pick up.  Turkeys are $5.80/lb.

All turkeys are classic Broad- Breasted Whites. These young birds spend their entire lives on pasture, resulting in juicy and flavorful meat.  Our farmers are experts in raising animals on pasture, and never use antibiotics, steroids or hormones.  Their grass 'salad' and insect diet is supplemented with non-GMO feed.  Good for them and for you!

Quantities are very limited, so reserve yours today!  We will do our best to accommodate size preferences.

Please specify:

  • Small 10-14 lbs.

    Medium 14-18 lbs

    Large 18-22 lbs

Polyface turkey delivery date: Thursday, November 16.  Turkeys will arrive frozen.

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